QR menu for a cafe or restaurant: what is it, how to create it

The tense epidemiological situation in the world has shown that the use of paper menus in catering establishments contradicts hygiene rules, and they need to be thrown out after each customer. Many restaurants have adapted their menus to the digital format, implying the use of a QR code and online orders.

In the article we will look at what a digital menu by QR code means for food establishments, what its benefits are, and how to create it. How to make a qr code is written in a separate article.

What is a QR menu for a cafe and restaurant

QR menu is a virtual list of dishes of any institution that can be accessed from a smartphone with Internet access. To access the menu, scan the QR code directly in the restaurant (the code is indicated in a prominent place) or at home (the image is visible on the screen). QR menu can be viewed anywhere by using a QR code on a printed medium (an advertising brochure or a paper leaflet), which can be read using the phone camera.

The QR code looks like a rectangular image that consists of black squares on a white background arranged in a certain order. You can encrypt any information in it – link, image, text.

A QR code differs from a simple barcode in that it can be scanned and recognized using a smartphone camera without installing additional applications.

The convenience of the electronic menu is that you can add bright photos of dishes and their descriptions to it, which will arouse the appetite of customers. Most of them today are well aware of what a contactless menu is, how to use the search for dishes and place an order.

Is the restaurant obliged to make a menu with a QR code

Given the difficult situation in the world associated with the coronavirus, restaurants, being on the verge of profitability, are actively switching to the maximum security mode, including the use of an electronic menu according to the QR code . Experts of the restaurant business predict the transition of contactless orders and payments to the category of permanent.

Many websites today contain detailed instructions for creating QR menus. It is quite simple to do this by following the prompts.

At the legal level, catering establishments were not obliged to introduce a menu with a QR code, the bill introduced by Rospotrebnadzor has not been officially published. The Ministry of Economic Development concluded that there was insufficient justification for solving the problem by this method of regulation. No one has the right to force the owner of a cafe or restaurant to introduce a virtual menu, since this issue lies in the plane of relations with customers. However, during the pandemic, most restaurants, as places of intense congestion, are forced to look for new ways to protect themselves and guests, so they introduce QR menus. Most Russians treat Covid-19 as a real threat, so they support the innovation, noting the concern for their safety on the part of the institution.

Advantages of implementing a contactless QR menu

Visitors to restaurants and cafes positively evaluate the possibilities of a contactless menu. It is safe because it is not transmitted from hand to hand and does not spread bacteria and viruses. It can be accessed via a link or code from anywhere at any time on any mobile device.

The institution can make edits to the electronic menu in a matter of minutes, that is, there is no need to constantly reprint new booklets. And most importantly, you can make an order without waiting for the waiter to come to the table..

Among other advantages for customers:

  • automatic language selection;
  • the ability to track the mode of operation of the institution;
  • detailed information for each menu item with colorful illustrations;
  • recommendations of dishes to order;
  • the ability to study and leave feedback , evaluate dishes;
  • the ability to order dishes on the spot or arrange delivery;
  • the ability to make payment by QR code .

The catering establishment also benefits from the introduction of an electronic QR menu. According to experts, at the same time, the average check increases, attendance increases due to stimulating customer interest. For example, when choosing a drink, a visitor can use automatic prompts for snacks and desserts that are suitable for them. In addition, the waiting time for the order is reduced. Almost all restaurants on their electronic resources post the menu in the form of an image or a PDF file. But in practice it turns out that it is inconvenient to use it: the picture loads for a long time, the text is too small, it is inconvenient to choose dishes.

Contactless menu for a restaurant can be individualized due to the original design: the presence of a logo, other branding elements. The absolute advantage of the QR menu is its versatility – it fits perfectly into the working principle and image of any cafe, restaurant, 5-star hotel, delivery establishment, sports bar, entertainment center

Ways to create a menu by QR code

In practice, it is quite easy to make an online menu. There are many services and ours that will help in this – both free and paid. It is only necessary to upload the necessary file to the constructor, which will provide a unique link to access the menu.

The default services offer the following:

  • digital menu with photos and description of each dish;
  • the possibility of replacing dishes;
  • the ability to generate a QR code.

In addition, you can order additional options, such as choosing a language, calling a waiter, tools for promoting the institution, a separate application for delivery.

The disadvantage of using paid services is that the customer completely depends on them. Digital service providers limit feedback by contacting technical support, which makes it impossible to control the process, and if you want to leave one or another platform and switch to another, you will have to start all over again. By the way, our service is devoid of this problem.

Not everyone has the information that a digital menu can be created independently and without costs, for example, on our service. The technologies for its implementation have been publicly available for a long time, and it is possible to switch to digital rails, having a ready-made menu layout, literally in a quarter of an hour.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. First, we generate a link: select a file storage (for example, Yandex.Disk), load the menu layout in PDF format (this can be done by dragging the file into the browser window), wait for the download. Then click the "Share" button or hover the mouse cursor over the file by clicking the right button. In the drop-down menu, select the "Copy link" action and save it to notepad.
  2. We generate a barcode using a special service (you can choose any of the many existing ones), in which you can save the generated code in SVG, EPS, AI or PDF format (vector) to use the code on printed media. This will make it possible to change the scale, which cannot be done without loss of quality with a JPEG image.
  3. We use the received QR code in the layout of the table tent or print it out on the printer, not forgetting to add an explanation on how to apply it.

Today, no one will be surprised by the presence of most catering establishments of their own website. Its active promotion increases the popularity of the institution, attracts customers, and therefore allows you to increase profits. The QR menu can be used as a full-fledged marketing tool by embedding it in the service in the form of an electronic catalog or an independent delivery site..

Using the generated link, you can:

  • purchase free targeted traffic;
  • increase the number of active users;
  • make the interface convenient for customers so that they would like to place an order in this way.

Messengers and push notifications for registered users can be added to the feedback methods.

As practice has shown, the digital QR menu is being actively implemented by many catering establishments that value their reputation and the safety of customers and employees. Full-fledged contactless interaction implies the possibility, when clicking on the link, not only to choose the desired dishes, but also to place a takeaway order, even without being in the restaurant. This method is accessible and understandable to people of any age and gender who use mobile devices. It also works well in the presence of a paper menu, complementing it with vivid illustrations, useful information and cost calculation.

According to experts, the QR menu can be confidently called one of the life-saving innovations. And the introduction of this service in the institution does not require special training and high costs.