How a QR menu can help restaurants and cafes in a pandemic

QR codes are used in almost all spheres today. This type of matrix barcode gained particular popularity with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, against which vaccination is recommended to citizens to protect the body from a dangerous infection. After the preventive procedure, the citizen receives a personal QR code, according to which he can freely visit various public places: restaurants, sports clubs, beauty salons, etc.

Many catering establishments, interested in creating the safest possible conditions for guests to relax, also decided to use QR codes in their professional activities. With their help, a contactless menu is created, allowing visitors to get acquainted with the assortment of dishes and drinks to order without using paper.

In the article we will look at the benefits of using electronic menus in restaurants and other catering establishments, what problems the use of QR menus solves in a pandemic. We assure you that anyone can create a QR code .

Advantages of using QR menus in food establishments

QR menus are a useful addition to serving guests of restaurants and other catering establishments, which has a number of special advantages. This way of presenting an assortment of dishes and drinks is widely used in European countries. In Russia, restaurants began to use electronic menus with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, when the management of catering establishments set a goal to create the safest possible conditions for visitors, eliminating the risks of transmission of a dangerous infection through a paper menu.

Advantages of the QR menu:

  1. Access to the restaurant menu is opened by a matrix barcode. You can read information from any portable device.
  2. Visitors can place an order in advance using the electronic menu at home or in the office. Also, you do not have to wait for the waiter upon arrival at the restaurant to place an order for the selected positions.
  3. The QR menu is decorated in a beautiful design and has a large set of useful options. The visitor can not only place an electronic order, but also immediately make a payment through electronic services or a bank card. All methods for non-cash payment are available in the application. Basic functions may also include booking a table and taking takeaway food orders.
  4. In addition to the list of dishes and drinks from the assortment, visual photos and cooking recipes are available to the user in the QR menu. This not only stimulates the appetite, but also allows visitors to see which specific ingredients are used to prepare a particular dish.
  5. The QR menu has several language versions, which makes it possible to freely serve foreigners experiencing a language barrier when communicating with Russian-speaking staff.
  6. You can make any edits to the menu in a couple of seconds. This is much easier and more profitable than reprinting new paper media when prices or assortment change.

What tasks does the contactless menu solve in a pandemic

In the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the QR menu allows you to reduce physical contact with visitors, reducing the risks of infection of staff, which may lead to the termination of the institution.

In addition, the electronic menu allows restaurants to work in any conditions, even when a general quarantine is introduced in the country. This is possible if QR codes are distributed, which open access to the contactless menu through various websites, social networks and other services available to a wide audience.

Customers can place an order for selected items with home delivery, avoiding the need to visit places with a large crowd of people. Ready meals and drinks from the restaurant are delivered by couriers, observing social distance and other anti-epidemic rules.

Prospects for the application of the QR menu

As we can see, the QR menu for a restaurant is a very convenient tool for staff and visitors of catering establishments. Today, this format of service is offered by many restaurants, bars and cafeterias in Moscow. Gradually, successful experience is being adopted by restaurateurs from other cities of Russia.

Experienced developers are engaged in creating a personal QR menu, offering several design options and available functions in the application, taking into account the needs of the business and the wishes of the customer of the service. Use service Business QR code for your restaurant, club, store if you are interested in the possibility of increasing sales and interacting with your audience.