How to make a QR code yourself: methods, procedure

In 2021, the development of the infobusiness went uphill: hundreds of online stores, showrooms, restaurants and cafes appeared. In order for customers to go to the manufacturer's website in 1 click and place an order, they came up with the function of self-creating a QR code. There are several ways to manually create a cuar code. Anyone can do this.

In the article we will look at information on how to make a QR code for a website, Instagram, business visit cards and other purposes, which generators, constructors, programs exist and how to use them.

Why to create a QR code

QR code is a barcode replacement. This is a special image that allows you to transmit information in one click. For example, bank details, website addresses, business cards.

The QR code looks like a small black and white picture. The main elements are 3 squares. They are larger than the other components of the picture. Recognizing scanner programs are guided by these squares. They allow you to decipher the message hidden in the cuar code.

QR code is better than a regular barcode in everything. Its main advantage is the ability to transmit large-sized data. For example, thanks to the kewar code, the user can get about 2.5 pages of text. According to statistics, 30% of the information is superfluous, redundant data. The program encodes the contents up to several hundred characters, which contain the main information for the user.

Another strong point of the kyayur code is the ability to read it in case of damage.

QR codes are found everywhere today: in stores, on business cards. People wear branded T-shirts with kyur codes, print them on mugs and goods. Some even get tattoos with them. QR codes make it easier to follow links and search for the right site for a long time.

Ways to generate a QR code

There are 4 ways to generate a QR code. Some of them work in a matter of seconds, others - more multifunctional – will take a little time to figure out.

Ways to create a QR code:

How to make a QR code using a browser extension

There is no built-in function for creating QR codes in the browser. To create a kewar code on a computer, you need to install a plug-in extension in the browser that adds new functions. The user can create QR codes in one click and transform them from text.

A separate plugin is installed for each browser:

  • for Firefox - Mobile Barcoder;
  • for Google Chrome – URL Shortener;
  • for Opera - QR Code Generator.

When the plugin is installed, the user only needs to complete 2 steps. The first is to highlight any text that the QR code will refer to. The second is to select the Create Barcode function in the browser by clicking on the "3 dots" icon on the right.

Some plugins are more functional: they allow you to determine the kyayur code that refers to it from a text fragment.

Online QR Code Generators

Online QR code generators are a universal solution. They do not need to be downloaded and stored on the computer. Online generators allow you to create a kewar code in a matter of seconds, save it on your computer or by link. Additionally, you can adjust the image size (this is convenient when printing).

Online QR code generators are divided into simple and complex. Their functionality varies.

The service Business QR code allows you to create a QR code for business for free: restaurants, shops, clubs and other establishments to increase the number of subscribers and sales. Other services, although they allow you to create code, do not provide the possibility of posting on the Internet or editing encoded information. Business QR code is a universal service for business tasks.

QR Hacker is a service for creative people who want to create an original kewar code. For example, a user can add their own logo and increase the recognition of the company, color geometric shapes and make the drawing brighter, round the corners.

QR Hacker will make the kewar code colorful and memorable, while the information will not be damaged.

Working in QR Hacker:

  1. Select the type of transmitted information. You can do this on the left side of the screen.
  2. We specify the data for encryption - link, text, business card.
  3. Click on the Generate button.
  4. In a matter of seconds, the program generates the usual black-and-white kewar code. To decorate it, you need to go to the toolbar on the right side of the screen. At will, the creator can round the corners, adjust the transparency and change the background. You can also add a logo.

QR Coder is another generator for fast transmission of information. Its main advantage is simplicity and minimalism. There are few tools in the program. Everything works on automatism. Native language has been added for Russian-speaking users.

QR Coder adapts to code recognition programs on smartphones. The user specifies the data type (text, link, image) and the program automatically generates the code. Several formats are offered: URL, SMS, business card or text. The appearance of the kewar code and its functionality depend on the user's choice.

Qrmania - known among Russian-speaking users. You can choose the Russian language in the program.

The functionality differs from competitors: Qrmania offers dozens of options for encrypting information. In the program, you can customize the colors of the kewar code, encode e-mail and even a letter in which the subject and recipient will be indicated.

In Qrmania, you can encode a phone number, messages from social networks - "Instagram", "Twitter", geographical coordinates. The created kewar codes are printed on T-shirts, bags, badges and baseball caps.

For undemanding users, there are less functional online generators. You can create a kyayur code in them in a few seconds.

Several of them:

  • Kaywa - has basic functionality;
  • Qrcc - has a multi-language interface and the ability to print a kyayur code on accessories and clothing;
  • I-nigma - generator for creating corporate codes;
  • - a program with a unique design.

Programs for creating QR codes

There are special programs for full-fledged work with QR codes. They are installed on computers.

QR Code Studio is a free program that is suitable for Mac OS and Windows. Users praise it for its high speed and ease of use.

Ready QR codes can be copied or saved to your computer by selecting one of the formats: TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP.

Anyone can understand QR Code Studio. Everything is described in it is accessible, the main tools are at hand.

The program is suitable for coding:

  • mobile markings;
  • business cards;
  • text messages;
  • Wi-Fi passwords;
  • Android links;
  • Google Play search engine data;
  • events;
  • links to websites.

QR Code Studio is used by business owners and ordinary amateurs.

QRGen is a free program for Windows computers. You won't need the Internet to work in it.

In QRGen , you can encode:

  • website addresses;
  • SMS messages;
  • emails;
  • images.

Kewar codes are generated in a few seconds. The resulting result can be shared or saved in one of the formats: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, JPEG.

The minimum number of functions is provided for the comfort of the user. He is asked to configure the parameters: error correction, the size of the kewar code and a text postscript to it.

Program interface: the left part of the screen is for the kewar code, the right - with a set of tools. The volume of the encoded text should not exceed 2000 characters: the site address and brief information about it will fit here.

When the user enters the source data, he presses Generate. The kewar code appears on the left side of the screen. Its volume is up to 1 MB.

My QR Code Generator is a free program for undemanding users. It can encode the Wi-Fi password, phone number, website address, text. The finished kewar code is saved in a separate file or copied.

QR-Paint is a free PC program with advanced functionality. The ready-made kewar code can not only be saved, but also printed.

Available formats: PNG, GIF, BMP.

QR-Pain is used by specialists of manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transport companies. The program works without Internet access.

How to generate a QR code on a smartphone

Android and iPhone owners know that their smartphones have built-in scanners - programs for automatic QR code reading. You can create a QR code from your phone in a few clicks.

Instructions for Android:

  1. Go to the app store Google Play Market and download Barcode Generator.
  2. Open the program.
  3. Click on the "+" on the right side of the screen.
  4. Next, click on "Add Code".
  5. Select the QR code.
  6. Enter the encoded information: email address, phone number, picture.
  7. Click Generate.
  8. Wait a few seconds. The program will generate a kewar code that can be immediately shared with users and stored in the device's memory.

Owners of iPhones can also create a QR code using the built-in program.

Instructions for iPhone:

  1. Go to the App Store and download QR Reader.
  2. Open the program.
  3. Click on the QR code.
  4. Next - on "+".
  5. Select the type of information to be encoded, for example, Website.
  6. Enter the website address, a link to an image or text.
  7. Click on "+".
  8. Use tools. They will make the kewar code original. For example, adjust the background color, the shape of the image.
  9. Click on Generate.
  10. Wait a few seconds. Save the received QR code and share it with other users.

In 2022, anyone can generate a QR code. You need to install the program and allocate a few free minutes. Ready-made QR codes can be shared with other users, printed on clothes and accessories. Use the free Business QR Code if you are looking for ways to benefit your business.