How to use QR codes in restaurants and cafes: All ways

QR codes are firmly embedded in our daily life, quickly opening access to websites. It is enough to use a special program or a smartphone camera and a lot of opportunities open up before us. One of them is the widespread use of the kewar code in catering establishments.

In the article we will look at various ideas of using QR codes in restaurants, cafes and other food establishments.

Advantages of using QR codes in the restaurant business

The restaurant service began to use the capabilities of QR codes relatively late in comparison with marketers of large companies. Meanwhile, it is a very useful tool for restaurateurs who seek to improve the quality of customer service.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, contactless menu and service plays a huge role both in the safety of customers and in attracting them. The owners of cafes, restaurants, clubs, taking care of the health of visitors, use QR codes as menus, including delivery, in advertising goods and services, thereby bringing them closer to people, which means they increase profits. QR codes of companies are placed in prominent places: showcases, mirrors, coffee cups, and also distributed in the form of promotional materials.

With the help of a kewar code, you can quickly switch from offline to online without typing in the link manually. It is enough to point the smartphone camera at the QR code, and you will go to the restaurant's website, in its menu, see the composition of the product or become the owner of a discount.

QR code for the menu

The owners of the restaurant business, in an effort to limit contacts between visitors or with the service staff, make up an electronic menu . On each table (or a prominent place in the institution) there is a sign with a kewar code, which can be scanned using a smartphone and thus go to the menu.

How to create an electronic menu:

In order for the electronic menu to work more efficiently, it is recommended to pin it on Instagram, so that visitors can make their choice before coming to the institution, without wasting time.

You can add the composition of dishes, their caloric content, and cooking methods to the menu. The QR code can contain additional information about wines, their places of origin, compatibility with other dishes, which will help guests navigate their preferences. If there is a link to the video on the website, this will give customers the opportunity to pass the time while waiting for an order.

In the electronic menu, you can make a discount on a certain dish, information about which can be placed in the QR code. It will be convenient to make kewar codes by sections: "Hot dishes", "Salads", "Wine list", etc. If the QR code is placed on the street, on coffee cups or dessert packages, you can attract additional customers.

A good tool for communicating with the audience are social networks - groups in Odnoklassniki, Facebook, VKontakte. They can be accessed using a QR code, and in social networks the possibilities are almost limitless: videos in which the chef in the restaurant kitchen talks about cooking (and shows the whole process clearly), customer reviews, recipes, accompanied by audio or video sequence.

QR codes for feedback can be placed on each table in the cafe. For example, scanning one means an excellent grade, and the other means a bad one. Or after calculating the guests, you can give access to a kewar code, according to which you can use a discount or receive a gift on the next visit to the institution.

QR code for invoice payment

QR-code capabilities are widely used today for contactless payment. It is no surprise to anyone that the kewar code has become more common instead of acquiring. For example, an institution prints out a code that can be scanned and paid in a "Client-bank" using a special service (for example, , "Pay QR" from Sber). This is convenient: the visitor does not need to take out a wallet with cash or cards. The code automatically redirects it to the Sberbank application, where you can make a payment from your personal account.

In an open bar, you can pay for drinks using the code indicated on the counter.

Abroad (and before the outbreak of the covid epidemic in the Russian Federation), the Alipay contactless payment service is popular (acting as an electronic wallet linked to a bank card number, or replenished independently), in which 2 payment methods are available. In the first, the user reads the organization's code and transfers funds, in the second, the organization scans the user's code and requests a certain amount to be debited from his account.

A number of countries use the capabilities of cryptocurrencies, which accept payments by QR code. After reading, the user's wallet application substitutes the number of the cryptocurrency wallet from the kewar code. The client can enter the amount in any monetary units used in the country, and the program will transfer it to bitcoins or another crypt, and the funds will be credited to the recipient's account. In some cases (it depends on the crypto wallet used), it is necessary to confirm the operation with a crypto key that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

QR code for food delivery

Establishments whose list of services includes food delivery or takeaway can create their own mobile application, where the kewar code leads. When using third-party services, you can add your own menu to it, which the generated link will lead to. Of course, the colorful printed menu does not lose its popularity, but created in digital format allows you to combine the best of the old and new technologies, and most importantly - saves waiting time and order processing.

The electronic menu can be formed by sections − so it will be more convenient for users to navigate in it: "Pizza", "Business lunch", "Desserts", etc.

Cashless tips by QR code

Services that allow us to pay for tips online are actively entering our lives. Often in cafes and restaurants there are business cards with a kewar code for tips in counters or codes on waiters' clothes, by scanning which you can transfer additional remuneration.

There are special services for paying tips:

  1. 2tip is an application for a smartphone with iOS and Android operating systems with a simple interface designed for instant cashless transfer of tips by a kewar code. Each operation goes through Sberbank, registration takes a couple of minutes, there are no restrictions on withdrawal of funds. Fixed commission − 5% for all transfers.
  2. CloudTips is a service developed by CloudPayments and Tinkoff. Suitable for those who have a Tinkoff Bank card. There is no special mobile application yet, payment is carried out using a link from a QR code.
  3. "Chachachai" provides users with additional bonuses (both for customers and for tip recipients). The owners of establishments get the opportunity to advertise a cafe or restaurant through dishes. The reliability of transfers is guaranteed by the Moscow Industrial Bank and ACB. It is worth noting that when registering, the service requires entering passport data, and to receive a tip, you need to issue a virtual card of the Moscow Industrial Bank.
  4. "Tips Simply" has its own mobile application for iPhones and Androids. Registration is simple and convenient, the design is concise and clear. If you accumulate a certain amount of tips, you can quickly withdraw money to a bank card (1% commission).

QR code for advertising the institution on the Internet

As already noted, the kewar code serves as an effective tool for promoting a company, including through the Internet. For example, once a user clicks on a link, he immediately finds himself in the database for further advertising - retargeting. It is not necessary to leave contact details (e-mail, phone number), because when visiting the site page, they are already recorded.

Different visitors can be given different ads using several QR codes that will lead to a particular page. In this way, you can segment your customers (for example, some come for a promotion, others attend a certain event).

Images of kewar codes can be found at the entrance to the institution, indoors on the walls in the form of decorations, signs on doors and facades of buildings. Most entrepreneurs prefer dynamic QR codes, that is, those that lead to sites with constantly updated information.

At the reception or on the tables, racks with QR codes are installed, encouraging customers to scan them and get directly into the chatbot in the social network, where the most up-to-date information about promotions and offers is provided. Business cards with a QR code, leaflets and booklets, codes on packages and labels, stickers, banners that allow you to instantly transfer the audience from offline to online enjoy similar success.

Many visitors to clubs and restaurants like to be photographed in large mirrors. If you place kewar codes on them, the client receives a link leading to the Internet along with the snapshot, and the owners of establishments receive additional traffic to the site and in social network groups.

One of the favorite features of marketers is creative posters and stands with kewar codes leading to chatbots or dynamic pages.

QR code for restaurant or cafe reviews

In modern society, consumer reviews play almost a key role in choosing a particular product. Statistics say that people need to see at least 40 reviews to make their own conclusion about this institution. Most positive reviews inspire confidence that they are making the right choice. 90% of potential customers always study recommendations before visiting restaurants and cafes or purchasing any goods and products.

The same applies to catering establishments. When choosing which restaurant to go to, people study a lot of reviews on websites. If the institution has no reviews or there are few of them, this does not indicate in its favor. Therefore, the owners of the restaurant business need to take care to encourage customers to leave reviews.

For convenience, the generated QR code with a link to the page with the reviews of the institution, preferable on its website and on third party services like Google or Yandex. This will help to promote the company in the search, earn a "Good Place" label, and orient customers on the Yandex.Maps service.

Before the guest leaves the restaurant, he is offered to read the kewar code from the provided business card and quickly go to the feedback page. It is not necessary to be verbose at all, it is enough to write a few words or use emojis. Both good and bad reviews motivate you to become better. Representatives of establishments should leave responses to reviews, strive to improve the quality of services and meet the wishes of customers, if they take place.

You can motivate users to leave reviews by offering them a discount on the next visit to the institution for a review.

You can place QR codes for reviews on receipts and receipts, directly in the menu and on packages (such as Burger King, which uses kewar codes on table trays).

You can get such a code on our website.

QR code for promotions, Discounts and loyalty programs

QR codes are widely used to stimulate purchases and new orders. So, with their help, you can get a discount or take part in a promotion. By clicking on the link generated by the code, the visitor becomes the owner of a loyalty card and begins to accumulate bonuses.

The virtual loyalty card is always with the client, he can take advantage of a favorable offer or discount at any time, spend the accumulated bonuses.

Many establishments use kewar codes to conduct various prize draws, offering to find and scan the code in restaurants or on delivery packages, and after entering the keys received on the promo pages of the game to receive a gift for each new order.

QR code for event posters

Most owners of restaurants and clubs arrange live music concerts and entertainment events in them to promote their institution. You can report these events using QR codes on posters, flyers and flyers. By clicking on the link, a person will receive more information than is posted on the poster, and the opportunity to purchase a ticket online.

A QR code can lead to a virtual visit to a concert, watching a movie or photos from previous events to whet the interest of users.

QR code for booking a table

With the help of a kewar code, you can pre-book a table in the restaurant. Moreover, it is enough to point the phone camera at the image of the kewar code, as the link will immediately redirect the client to the table reservation page. Here you can also see up-to-date information about the availability of seats and reserve a table wherever you like.

QR code for calling a waiter

A very convenient way to call a waiter is a kewar code placed directly on the table. It can be a sticker or a leaflet, on which you should point the phone camera and confirm your intention to call the staff. The manager of the establishment receives a message in the Telegram bot and notifies the waiter, after which the latter approaches the specified table.

Calling a waiter by code is much more convenient today than using a mechanical button that needs to be serviced. The most unpleasant thing that can happen to a QR code image is its damage. It will not be difficult to print the picture again.

The owner of the establishment, in order to implement the idea of calling a waiter using a kewar code, needs to use one of the programs to configure this option. Firstly, location objects are created, and secondly, the "Action" button is configured. When creating location objects, the number of tables in the institution is indicated and original QR codes are generated, each of which is assigned to a specific table. Kewar codes are downloaded and printed in the printing house in the form of stickers. It is advisable to make several copies for each at once and laminate them so that they last longer.

When setting up the "Action" button, you can select a call:

  • waiter;
  • hookah man;
  • administrator.

In addition, you can ask to bring an invoice, provide advice or other service.

The use of a QR code today opens up wide opportunities for both restaurant business owners and their staff and customers. In one click, a mobile device user can select a dish from the menu, place an order, call a waiter, leave a review about the institution and reward the staff with tips. At the same time, the visitor does not remain in the pocket, because the door opens for him to own prizes, receive discounts and accumulate bonuses. And the owner of the institution gets the opportunity to popularize it, attract customers, promote in social networks and receive additional profit.