How to get reviews from customers using a QR code

Everyone knows that customer reviews work for the benefit of companies. Today, they occupy the 2nd place and 16% of all ranking factors. Good reviews have a positive effect on the promotion of the site and, accordingly, on the profitability of the business.

To ensure the flow of constant reviews, you can use corporate QR codes for quick customer access to Google, Tripadvisor, Instagram, Facebook and others.

In the article, we will discuss information about the use of QR code to increase the number of reviews and ratings from clients, how to make QR codes for Google My Business, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Instagram and so on.

Why do we need customer reviews

Every company needs to get positive customer reviews. They form the trust and reputation of the company, help attract new customers, and increase sales or demand for the services provided.

In the modern world, many business areas attract potential customers via the Internet, creating official company websites where current offers are published. Different SEO techniques have always been used to improve the ranking factor of search engines.

More recently, search engines have highlighted sites with links in the first rows, which experienced SEO specialists could not help but take advantage of. Today, search programs are aimed at the behavioral factor, that is, now in the top sites where visitors spend more time and perform any actions on them.

Thus, to promote websites, it is enough to receive a large number of customer reviews. This will contribute to the active promotion of the site and the improvement of the company's own activities.

Ways to collect reviews by QR code

A QR code is a convenient tool for collecting reviews for Google Business, Google Maps, Tripadvisor and other review sites. The link to the company's website page will be encrypted in this unique graphic encoding. Next, we will tell you how to get a QR code to collect customer reviews.

Below, you will learn how to create QR codes in each service separately, but giving customers a single entry point is important. The service QR code generation for business.

Which QR code service should I use?

Many services give QR codes, which is a huge inconvenience. Put on the desk, on flair or table tents of five QR codes (for example, Google, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Facebook, YellowPages) looks like an advertisement for these services rather than collecting reviews, which ultimately causes discomfort and often revokes customers. That is why the Business QR Code service combines all the necessary QR codes into one, and all the others become unnecessary.

The desired effect is achieved through a "single entry point" and the creation of further long-term communication with the client an unlimited number of times and at the right time. Register now to be able to:

  • remind visitors to leave a good rating in the ratings;
  • report new promotions from your business;
  • remind and help to invite the client's friends to your establishment;
  • remind visitors to subscribe to social networks;
  • remind to leave a tip, etc.;
  • congratulate the client;
  • and many other things that your marketers need.

How to create a QR code for reviews in Tripadvisor

On Tripadvisor, you can generate links for different locations, and the QR code itself is generated on a third-party site.

How to do it:

  1. Select the desired card on the website.
  2. In the upper corner, click on the "Send link" button.
  3. Copy the received link and paste it to generate a QR code in a special service, for example, you can generate a QR code according to the instructions in the article.

Reviews on the QR code in Google My Business

Now let's look at the scheme of creating a QR code for cards in Google My Business.

Step by step:

  1. If the QR code is generated for PC users, select the section "Home". You need to copy the URL from the "Want to get more review" card and send it to your customers.
  2. When forming a QR code for mobile device users, you need to select the desired address of your company's branch on the website, then go to the "Customers" section, and then make the transition to the "Reviews" section. Now you need to click the "Share" button (in the upper right corner), after which the desired URL will appear on the screen. You also need to copy it and send it to your customers.
  3. QR code generation is performed using third-party services, it is best to use Business QR generator. The code can be downloaded and printed.

Where to place the QR code for the convenience of customers

When the QR code for receiving customer reviews and ratings is ready, you need to think about its correct placement to make it as convenient and noticeable as possible for visitors. There are quite a lot of options for placing a QR code.

Where to place:

  • on flyers and advertising banners;
  • in the restaurant menu;
  • near the cash register;
  • print in corporate business cards;
  • on the packaging of goods, etc.

Before placing a QR code, be sure to test it! Try to scan it with different mobile devices and at different distances.

And one more useful tip. To encourage customers to leave reviews about the company, it is recommended to offer some nice bonus: a discount on a product, a promise of usefulness, a gift for a review, etc. For example, on the largest marketplaces, many sellers offer their customers to leave a review on the site and receive a gift to replenish their mobile account for a certain amount. You can automate the collection of such reviews through the service Business QR code